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How to manage invoices as a seller on Fiverr?

Hello, I’m just getting started with Fiverr and my freelancing, and I wanted to clarify something about invoicing. Obviously, we have to keep a track of all of our profit and losses by creating invoices and my assumption is that in terms of payments, it is not with the buyer of my service, but with Fiverr whom I am dealing with as they take their cut and then deposit the rest into my balance.

-Should I then create an invoice aimed at Fiverr for every time I withdraw funds from my balance or do I have to do it for each service sale?

-Also, I gather that I don’t actually send invoices to Fiverr (partly because I have control of being able to receive the payments when withdrawing), is this allowed and correct? Essentially just creating the invoice for my own bookkeeping.

-If that’s the case, what address and name would I put on the invoice etc… do I put their HQ in Tel Aviv?


Check this out:

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That’s a really helpful link, so thanks for sending it to me. Do you know though if you have to create invoices for every service sale or for each time you withdraw from your balance (can include the number of service sales just within one invoice)?

The way I’ve done this is just create an invoice every time I make a withdrawal to my bank account with the Fiverr invoice address on top. Of course, I don’t actually send an invoice to Fiverr, but this has been satisfactory for my tax returns. I haven’t even broken down single jobs on the invoice. As all my work here is voiceover, I just have Voiceover and Editing services for the whole amount. I can go back to individual orders if I ever need to, but I’ve never had to do this for my tax returns.
Hope that helps!

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Great help thanks a lot!

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