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How to manage order

I got two order but they (buyers) don’t read clearly my gigs description, so we decided to cancel the order. After that my seller level was down, not “level one” anymore. Can anybody give me a suggestion how to manage order? Because it almost two month I didn’t get order. Thank you


You’ve been unlucky. Usually when sellers talk about multiple gig cancellations it’s because their gig descriptions are poor (leading to confusion by the buyer) - but in my opinion your gig descriptions are very good.

You could ask potential buyers to “contact me before placing an order so we can ensure you get the best result for your project”. This is an opportunity to either dismiss buyers who aren’t a good fit - or to really understand a buyer’s needs. However, as I’ve pointed out many times on the forums - buyers are under no obligation to contact a seller before placing an order.

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You can weed out unsuitable buyers by adjusting your buyer requirements - you may find this article useful for how to do this:


Okay, thak you for your suggestion.