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How to manage too much work?


So since I have a job now in the weekday evenings and coincidently at the same time work here on fiverr has really picked up so much that I decided I need a break from freelancing rather than overworking myself.

Before I decided to take the break from here I was already turning down let’s say roughly 70% of inquiries due to not having enough time to dedicate to them.

Wondering what tips would you have for better managing the sheer amount of messages and orders I was getting.



There is nice option - limit orders in queue, so if you have only time for 1 order at the time, then set limit to 1 and nobody will be able to order, untill opened order is not finished. :wink:


you can turn vacation mode ON


That’s right yeah I have forgot about that feature. Will definitely make use of that when I come back. Thanks.


I asked for any tips on how to better manage lots of orders or messages not how to pause my gigs which I have already done.


pause gigs, work on the ones you have, unpause gigs, work on new gigs, repeat process.


You already received some great suggestions. If you don’t want a lot of orders you can also raise your prices and delivery times.

Ideally you want to dedicate some time on a daily basis to at least answer messages.
You can even do this at work while on lunch break or on the go, whenever you have a couple of minutes. Use the Fiverr app :wink:


I have a similar problem.

  1. go on vacation when things get too busy
  2. remove any gigs that are time-consuming. Keep a couple that can be done in a short time
  3. have quick responses in messages and use them
  4. be hard and stick to what you want to do. Say no.
  5. shut down conversations as soon as they start to give you warning signs, and take too much time

  1. Have a vacation mode on set up.
  2. Limit your order queue.
  3. Have a mutual agreement deadline with your buyer.
  4. Set up your profile description that you will be needing a vacation or limiting your order queue and have them contact you first before ordering from your gig
  5. Manage your time effieciently or quit/choose your career between the two. :slight_smile: