How to manage when buyer act like He buy me in $5


Sometime I feel that buyer act like he buy me in $5…

Some Buyers want a lot of extra work or want a lot of changes which in not possible in $5 then what to do…


I’ve been having the same problem… Let me know if you find something useful.


Reply to @arnevb:

not working with me… I provide website and their is not limit of quality of webpages.


You can post the number of revisions you are willing to do in the gig description if this is a continuous problem. I have this issue on occasion where a buyer keeps finding something they want changed and I end up doing it over multiple times. I usually just do it without complaining. If they want something besides a simple revision, I will direct them to the GIG EXTRA for that service.


Reply to @deaun1: Thanks for the suggestion