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How to manage when more order come..Get 6 order last day..Anyone?


Yesterday i go 6 order at once… So How to manage these all…Anyone.


Is this boasting? :wink: because if you don’t know how to manage just 6 orders in your pipeline just put a limit of orders in your queue and that all would be solved.

In some months I have more than 30 orders in my pipeline and that has never been a problem because I set clear timelines on all orders also taking into account how much time it would take to make an order and how it my slow down if I have other order in queue.


When things get too busy I put my gigs on hold and say I’m out of office. It’s better that way. I don’t want to be overwhelmed with work. You can do that or extend the delivery dates of your orders.


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Wish I have much order like that!