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How to manage workload?

Hi. Asking for your suggestions about the work/load management techniques. I’m 19 years of age. I did my A levels last year and took a gap year because I was exhausted by the time and effort I put in my studies.

Exactly a year ago, I was an unskilled student who did not even know that platform like Fiverr even exists. I got to know about it via a youtube video and I found this whole system so fascinating. A week later, I enrolled for a logo designing course and made my first Fiverr gig. I was so amazed to get 17 impressions on my first gig, that it prompted me to work harder and fine-tune my skills. In October, I finally got my first order. In the following months, the order flow increased and so did my workload. I also had a friend working with me on an occasional basis, but he is not regular. At the start of this year, I started to get too many orders and I completed them with all the energy and commitment. But for the past two months or so, it’s getting difficult for me to manage the orders. With universities deadlines approaching, I have been involved in writing my statements, getting my documents ready, and preparing for interviews because from this year, I’m planning to pursue a degree in a major I have so much interest in. I know for sure that when the semester will begin, I won’t have time to complete even 1 order, and I’m freaking out thinking about that.

So based on all of that, what options do you think I have? Should I wait till my university commences and then shut down my account? Should I leave everything as it is and just wait and watch? Should I hire another designer? Idk. There are so many things going over in my mind. I would appreciate if someone experience can guide me on that. I just don’t know the right strategy to either exit it or continue it. Please enlighten me. Thanks!

Put a limit on how many orders you take. Guide
That way if let’s say you want to have 3 orders at one-time max you can set it and no more orders will come to you until you complete one. :grin:

If you don’t have much time, Fiverr can still be a part-time job for you and it will be useful to have some spare money during college!

Extend your delivery time and put an order limit on your gig (you can do so from your Gig page, by clicking on the title of your Gig) so that you can breathe a little in between orders :wink:

I don’t know why but it doesn’t work for me. Right now, my order limit is 1 (on the account of eid holidays). But I’ve 4 active orders on my gig. It keeps on getting orders.

Putting a limit on order is not working for me. Don’t if it’s a bug or what. But I think in the long run, it’s going to damage my gig because my gig would be disappeared for two days whenever a new order comes in. I also understand that I’ve to prioritize, and have to prepare a strategy for that too.

Just increase your delivery time

You might want to consider doubling your price, doubling / trebling the delivery time, and limiting the number of orders that can be placed to maybe just one.

By doing this you will put off quite a few buyers, but you will find those that still choose to work with you will probably be far less demanding. Those who are prepared to pay more and wait longer tend to be much better people to work with.

Like many new sellers, I started by offering a $5 gig with a 24 hour turnaround. Stressful! So I later extended the delivery time to 48 hours. Still reasonably stressful. I then doubled my gig price to $10. Not surprisingly fewer people ordered but I found I was making the same money for less work. I then decided to only offer a 72 hour turnaround to give me flexibility. I still have as many orders as when I offered a 48 hour turnaround. I’m now considering raising my gig price to $15.

What I’m trying to say is you might want to keep your account ticking along, but do it on your own terms. Once you’ve increased your price, you’ll wonder why you ever charged less in the first place.

As for hiring another designer… you’ll still have all the admin to sort?

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Exactly!!! $5 clients are just painful to deal with (there are exceptions of course). In fact, most of my cancellations are those of $5 clients. The high end clients are respectful, patient, and cooperating.

I’ve found your advice really helpful and it’s very pragmatic as well. Will try to change my gig structure now. Thanks!