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How to manually calculate "Completed orders" of last 60 days?

I’ve delivered like 20 - 30 orders in past few days but my Completed order time isn’t budging, even Fiverr support was gracious enough to do a hard refresh form, which increased my on time delivery time but Completed order % didn’t budged.

I’m not a math savant but relative to the total amount of orders I’ve gotten, 20 - 30 completed orders (with no more cancellation) should’ve made quite a dent…

Do you guys have some good tips or trick that would allow me manually do a complete check and what formula will you use to get % (just wanna double check :slight_smile: ), I ask that so if there’s any issue in their calculation, I can get them back with something material.

The big judgement day on Levels is coming, I wanna make sure I’m prepared :slight_smile:

Hope all you guys are doing fantastically!


I think there is something wrong with it. Mine hasn’t budged and seems stuck on 86% :frowning:

Same is the case here, stuck at 88% and the evaluation is near :frowning:

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