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How to market my GIG without spamming?


Hi everyone,

I am new in fiverr forum. I want to know from you guys, how to market my GIGs without being spam. When ever I go to market my gigs to any social media, they says it to be spammed. May be I don’t know how to market! So, can anyone help me regarding this?


This is my fiverr gig link


You can create a facebook page related to your service and post your links everyday. But first ensure that you have gathered a lot of page likes like more than a 1000 so whenever you post your links daily with beneficial post then you should have a good conversion. Can I know how you have been getting clients on Fiverr ever since you joined. Thanks


Thanks for your information. When I was brand new:wink: , I always complete sending all 10 buyer requests. But now I get orders by my old clients and auto. But it is not sufficient enough.


In that case, I’d say give BR another shot. It’s a cesspool, but I’ve also gained some long-term buyers from there. In any case, it never hurts.


I Appreciate Your Comment


I also gained from BR…I always finish my all BR.


But I am not getting any orders by BR. Can you please suggest me how to make the best use of BR. As I have requested more that 1000 but got only 2.5% orders maybe. Can anyone help??


It might be that your category is uber competitive. But how have you been responding to BR?


Just with my bios and Gigs.


Is that all you say in the pitch?

Generally speaking you should always address the specific clients and their needs. It’s only about your talents to a certain degree; if a buyer wants to check your gigs, they can do so easily enough by clicking on your profile. Your gigs should speak for themselves, and you should focus on speaking to what the client is looking for.


Thanks for your great advice!