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How to Max Your Orders the Easy Way


Just Some simple tips to follow in order to get more orders.

  1. Use relevant title for your gig. Use the main keyword Once.

    Example : if your gig is about writing articles use “Article” or “Articles” in the title.
  2. Provide description about the gig exactly what describe your gig or service, use the main keyword twice here.
  3. Don’t over-optimize the tags use both general and main keywords.

    Example : article, writing, blog post etc
  4. The gig image should be clearly visible and represent what exactly you will be providing to the buyers, believe me it is important sometimes you can get more sales by your gig image rather then the description.
  5. Add a video that shows your service, portfolio and useful info for buyers. (thnkx to Solow13)

    P.S Add your own tips in the comments for the community.

  1. Add a video that shows your service, portfolio and useful info for buyers.


Reply to @solow13: awesome.keep them coming guys.


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Thank You for Sharing these Great TIPS :slight_smile:


Thanks for these helpfull tips!


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I like this, thank you!


Thank you very much. That’s awesome :)>-


Thank You For Your Ideas …

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Reply to @flashart: looks good i am sure you will get some sales soon, cheers


Reply to @mrwizgeek: But It Doesn’t Got Any Orders on a week


Reply to @flashart: remember there are other top rated sellers as well selling the same services as yours, so you should do some research and find what your gig is missing and what you can offer buyers more, so they can be interested in you (as a new seller.)


Reply to @flashart: also you need to be patient for little while. it can take even a month to get your first sale, but once it start coming then you are in business as long as you are providing a quality service.


Tip: you can also create a video using photo’s just google for it.


Thank you for your greatfull tips i will work on it.


Tip : Add Multiple Images, effective way to promote the gig view images.