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How to modify feedback

Hi everyone,

I hope you all are safe and sound.

I just want to know how to modify feedback. Actually today one of my buyers give me the wrong rating mistakenly and he apologized to me and asked me how can I change it now?

So can you please tell me how the buyer modifies his feedback so I can tell him.

NOTE: Keep in mind in this scenario buyer agree to change his feedback. I am not forcing him.

There have been many posts on the forum where sellers have got a warning for even discussing a review with the buyer.


Yes, I agree but I am not discussing anything with a buyer about this matter. He is asking again and again and apologizing and asking me how can I modify it now. So is there any way to change it?

As @lloydsolutions said: no, there isn’t. And there are a great many threads about it on this forum already.

Move on.


Tell your buyer to let it go. I’m assuming it’s over 4.3 rating of all things. Your work is good, your clients are satisfied. Your overall rating will get itself fixed in no time.