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How to modify my order?



I have problem. I delivered only basic package of the gig, so my client needs to pay me $175 instead of $290. But we don’t understand how to do it. As there is no options to pay not full sum. Heeelp me please


I believe the only way is canceling the order and opening a new one (if you have an order for $290 already)
It’s silly because you did the job (not the complete job, but anyway). There is no option to reduce your price on an open order, just to increase it.
Can’t you offer something else to complete that order, instead of canceling and opening a new one?
On the other hand, if you haven’t opened an order yet, then just send a Custom Offer for the amount $175, and that’s it.


I opened order already (client sent $290 for escrow) and I can’t offer something else to complete that order:sob: How canceling the order will affect my account?


Canceling the order will affect your Gig somehow, but not big deal… but what can you do?
You can maybe explain that to Customer Support, and see if they can help you or give you another solution.
From my side, I believe you have no option but to cancel and open another order for the right price.
Let me know if you contact CS, what’s the answer they give you. I’m also curious to know.


Fiverr doesn’t offer the ability to provide partial refunds on orders, you’d need to cancel the order and have your Buyer order again. :pensive:


Thanks for advices! I sent a request to Customer Support, they promised to answer within one business day. But I think that cancellation of the order - it is the only one way to solve this issue. So, I will let you know what they will answer


Thanks for advice. Yeah now I also think that cancellation of the order - it is the only one way to solve this issue. But anyway I sent a request to Customer Support, will wait what they will tell me


Here is the answer which I got:

Orders can not be partially cancelled or refunded at this time. Once an order is created and there is a need to partially cancel/refund your buyer, we recommend that you ask your buyer to place a new order. Once that new order is created and then marked as complete, you can cancel the original order.


Yep… that’s it then.
Many thanks for sharing the answer!


Please make second order with remaining payment.


I think the best option is just give less cost in next order to client. Or do some other task for him to cover all amount. This way you don’t have to cancel order, so your rating will not effect.


Your reply is 2 years later!


Actually i was going through google. And this was on on top of list. And still there is no solution for the issue. So anyone who will search for this first end up here. So i tjink may be my answer will be help to someone.