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How to Modify my reviews. kindly help me

Dear sir
i want to Modify my reviews. kindly help me


You can’t change a review.

There have been many forum posts where sellers have got a warning for discussing a review.

Best to leave it and move on.


Hope that your profile image, skills and description are not fake, I will write this:

You can not erase that review, it will be there forever. What you can do is make sure your side of the story is heard by replying to the buyer.

Something like this:

"I was approached by the buyer with details on what he wants. After he requested revisions that required extra time and prolong delivery. i tried explaining this to client but he refused to cooperate and insist on 24 hour delivery.

24 hour delivery is only possible f all is clear before starting the order and there are no large changes in design after order starts.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused but I could not do anything more than I did. I delivered work as agreed. "

Or something, depends on what actually happened.


hi there
I want to ask if a buyer gives wrong feedback by mistake and now the buyer want to remove it and I will refund the buyer, buyer agree to do this, is there any way to do this ?

hi there
I want to ask if a buyer gives wrong feedback by mistake and now the buyer want to remove it or edit and I will refund the buyer, buyer agree to do this, is there any way to do this ?

upon reading the offending review, how was that a mistake?

a mistake would be “awesome job! yay!” but one lonely star

i would take the advice and move on before you make it worse if i were you. don’t pester the buyer either

unfortunately, this is not possible. if your client left negative reviews by mistake and he/she wants to edit it then he/she can contact support. Otherwise you will not be able to edit the reviews. good luck

It’s sound like “Review Manipulation”
You could get warning, for this…,

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“seller promised final delivery in under 24 hours, but it took almost two days to get everything right. i was super descriptive with what i needed and provided picture as well, however the attention to detail on the seller’s side was not there.”

Doesn’t seem like “wrong feedback”. You didn’t do a good job, you got a 3 star review. What’s the problem?

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Right Bro! I know :slight_smile:

Hello Sister, This is not possible, When you contact the Fiverr support center then Fiverr staff manually check your all message. when Fiverr staff see you ask the review change then you get a warning.


Eventhough you give many revisions…, it doesn’t means that your buyer should give you good review…
Sometimes Buyer just give up with seller service, - didn’t want to waste more time, and decide to end the project.

To maintain good rate, at least seller must have:

  1. Good skill - Expert in field.
  2. Good Communication and attitude (Most non-english speaker didn’t know how to “Proffesionally” communicate with their buyer. They only want buyer money,
  3. Be Patient.
  4. Be Honest ( Don’t accept unsure project, say no if you can’t help buyer needs)

Wish you luck.


first of all, i would edit out the username on this post. i know we all know who they are anyway, but there are rules

also, could you show us (while editing out the username) where they said they wish to change the review?

to be honest, as a buyer and in a case like this i would be pulling my hair out after 5 revisions, let alone 9. the trick is to read the requirements carefully, and aim to get it right the first time, and rince and repeat for an revisions so as to minimalize the work on both sides. it looks like they were happy in the end, but i should think had better things to do then to ask for corrections all day

i know your overall rating has gone from 5 to 4.6 now, but 3 of your 4 buyers gave you 5 star reviews. but really all you can do is keep calm and carry on. i know you can do it, you have three 5 stars already and another which isn’t awful, and look at how many say they’re not getting orders at all

you are doing fine, don’t mess it up by breaking rules and having your account suspended