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How to more promote gig .....? how to go more fast in fiverr

plzz give me some suggestion how to improve in fiverr and how to promote more my gig …>???

when i start my fiverr gig its good promote and more people see and give me order but now …nothing

its about vacation…??? i mean vacation mode ‘‘ON’’ so i “OFF” the vacation mode last 4 day but nothing to see improvement …

Help me what i do…???


I have the same problem. I reported to customer service and solve my problem. If you have activated vacation mode, it would mentioned in your profile clearly (within orange color bar).

I suggest you to promote your gigs in fiverr forum, social media, websites etc. I am happy to say that I can promote your gig among 2 million Facebook members 2 days or twice.


=P~ Use some social networks…

Have a nice day!!

Sorry For Late Replay

Thank You Very much

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