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How to more secure my Fiverr account?


In the nearly 3 years since I was with fiverr as a seller only. I fell Fiverr account is not that secure that other. Although I set my security Questions in my account. Is there any mobile OTP option like google two step verification to secure my Fiverr account more secure?

If yes then how?
If no then I requested to fiverr think about it and do something.

Are you agree with me (all fiverr sellers)?

I respect Fiverr from my heart. This is just an idea in my mind.


+1 to the Fiverr Mobile dual verification feature request.

No matter how secure one’s password and security question is, the point of failure can simply be someone losing their laptop with their account already logged in. Mobile verification would be a nice touch. Tagging ambassador @twistedweb123 in the hopes of carrying our prayers to the Fiverr overlords at Olympus :slight_smile:


Absolutely I agree with you.


The best thing you can do to secure any online account is to set a strong, unique password then ‘lock up’ the email addressed associated with 2 step verification, phone number logs etc.

Lots of people put their online presence at risk by using weak or the same passwords across multiple of the top passwords is still password123 or qwerty. Fiverr is pretty secure with SSL encryption, security questions etc but another site may not be. If that site is compromised and you’re using the same details, you’ve just compromised your fiverr account.

The point of failure of losing your laptop whilst logged on can also be an issue. To protect against this, I recommend altering your browser settings to not store cookies and to destroy sessions on browser close. That way, you will not constantly be logged in.

One thing fiverr is missing is an auto expiration of login. I.e I could be inactive for a day, refresh the page and still be logged in. Ideally, it should destroy my session to to inactivity and ask me to login again. Facebook doesn’t have this either but they check for other criteria such as unusual login locations or ip addresses.


I think the security questions should be enough protection alone.


I dont think that. You can see Fiverr dont ask everytime rime security questions when we login from a new device. So how this is enough protection for us?

Definitely, Fiverr should add Mobile verification now.