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How to move forward after 2 successful gigs?


Hey there!! I made my account on Fiverr long ago but posted my first gig just weeks back. I got my first order in about 1-1.5 weeks and I delivered it. The buyer rehired me because he liked my work(I got 5 stars both the times). So here I am after 2 gigs, waiting to find another offers. Any tips or suggestion for me?


Peruse “Buyer’s Request” section.


I will keep that in mind.


Hi, I will advice you use “Buyer Requests” regularly.

My account is just about 2 weeks old and I already have 6 orders, guess what? 5 of these orders are from buyer requests.

I keep making use of it and I strongly believe more are still coming.

So keep pushing and I wish you great success just as I wish myself