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How to mute a user (user comments)?


I know you can mute a whole topic/category but one mod told me before I could also mute a specific user (the one who frequently posts on how to improve a seller profile, sales etc). As I am “only” a buyer I don’t need to see these postings and I not want to mute a whole category. @annai80, I think it was you who told me about this possibility. How I do it? Couldn’t find how to do it… Help please. Thanks.


Go to your profile and click on the preferences tab. There’s a mute categories/person button there.

It just disables notifications though. I know this, because I annoyed someone so much that they told me that they muted me but then still kept up responding to me. So it’s not that useful (unless you want to make a song and dance about it like this guy).


As emmaki said click on your user pic in the upper right corner------click on little wheel (settings)------scroll all the way down where it says “Users”- “Muted” and add the name you want to mute.


@emmaki is correct. You can mute someone to the point that you won’t get notices even if they tag you, but it doesn’t prevent you from seeing their posts when you read the forum. The best thing to do is to ignore people that you don’t want to engage. If they reply to your posts, just ignore what they’ve written. It’s not too difficult and it works well. It doesn’t hurt anything if they reply to you, but if you don’t say anything in return they will eventually engage with other users instead.

The developers of this forum platform considered allowing you to hide posts after muting, but they found that it was largely ineffective in real tests. When user Y has hidden all posts from X, they still see replies from others to X and often they will also see quotes from X’s posts. In most of the trial runs, user Y would eventually get curious and go back to reveal the posts they missed. They would then re-engage with X anyway.

I’m not explaining that because it applies to everyone or because it’s worth a debate. The platform developers have no plans to change this functionality. I just thought I’d give you the info from their dialogues on what they found for most users and what they decided to do. So, just learn to ignore and thus you keep yourself out of chaos and if the person you are annoyed with starts to break the forum rules to get your attention, moderators or staff can step in.


Facebook possibly does it better: if you block someone you can’t see their posts, and they can’t see yours. Unless the argument (or whatever) specifically @johnsmiths the missing people, you won’t even notice that the block has happened.

I discovered this by annoying some racist Norwegians.


Since it’s very common here for people to reply directly to others and quote them, that will show up in the thread. On Facebook, replies are generally shorter and don’t include quotes. I think it’s just a very different type of interaction. Facebook reminds me of those reality shows with “real housewives” where the entire point is to have people yammer on about what they had at breakfast (with pics) and fight with each other.

Since forums tend to be about a specific thing (Fiverr/freelancing) the dynamic is different. Plus, few things get “moderated” on FB and they have very broad rules, so there is more need for the ability to block and unfollow there. That’s just my opinion and I know others may see it different, but that’s my take on the comparison.


That’s true. I think by the time you’ve blocked someone on FB you’re not going to tag them anyway, so you actually have to log out or read the post via another account to see the message. If you’re the blocking kind, you’re probably not going to bother. After all, the other party won’t see anything you write and if you use another account it’s going to be pretty transparent.

I do like the extra functionality (The arrow thing for OT stuff, the easy quotes, the images etc) here. It’s much better than FB’s constrictions. I personally wouldn’t block anyone, but I can see the utility of having the “silence, peasant!” button. So for me, it’s a win. It’s also quite effective self-moderation!


Very well, quite hidden feature but it works. Thanks!