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How to my account always stay on online?

Can anyone give any suggestions about how to stay always online?? If i stay on forum or use auto refresh on my browser can hamper my account?? Hope wil get a proper suggestions


Use fiverr app on mobile phone, turn on notifications when any buyer messages you, just reply


using fiverr mobile app

Why do you want to be online 24 hours a day? :thinking:

Don’t you sleep? :sleeping:

Fiverr is set up so your response rate is not affected as long as you reply to messages and orders within 24 hours of the time they were sent. :wink:

If you appear to always be online and a buyer contacts you and you are asleep and you do not quickly answer them, they may think you are ignoring them! :flushed:

Do not use an auto-refresher. You will be signed out until you can prove you are not a robot! :robot: And as long as the auto-refresher is enabled, you will continue to be signed out! :scream:


Check out Google extensions and search for it, I’m using it myself. or as @bestintheword perfectly described use Fiverr mobile app to receive a notification when an order is placed. My response rate is only 1 hour thanks for being 24/7 online, well except when I’m in dreamland of course not :rofl::joy: so 24 - 8 hours sleep is 16 hours online :rofl:

My response rate is 1 hour also and I log out of Fiverr for at least 12 hours a day. :wink: It is not necessary to appear to be online 24/7. :roll_eyes:

When I used an auto-refresher on my PC for substitute teaching jobs, I had to stop because Fiverr would log me out and give me a message that I appeared to be a robot.Then when I would attempt to sign in again. I would get logged out again. I removed the auto-refresher and everything works great now.


Oh that’s a great, thank you @vickiespencer, I was only joking for being 24/7 online, I do have a life you know :rofl::joy: I also sleep 8-9 hours a day, thank god!!!


I also sleep 8-9 hours a day, thank god!!!

I can’t believe that!

There were times I’d talk to you at 3am, and you’d message me again at 6am saying, “Good morning”! :joy:


That’s true @ahmwritingco, but that’s because your jokes were still in my head and I couldn’t stop laughing :rofl::joy:


Mine is 1 hour as well and I’m almost never online.

I also don’t use the App, I receive an e-mail when somebody sends me a message.
In fact I totally ignore Fiverr and yet I get requests for custom offers. In 95% of all cases I ask the customer to look for another seller. Even if it is for orders of $200,- $400,-, or just 2 weeks ago $2.500,-.

The funny thing is that when I occasionally browse through this forum there is still the same old complaining about orders, impressions, clicks and BS going on. Boring.


That’s excess…20 chars


From my experience with fiverr for Android, I think the app sign out after 20 minutes.
Your online status activated, but you are offline.

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Why would you lie to potential buyers that you’re online even though you’re sleeping?

Buyers can place orders when you’re offline, too.


(Goeiemorgen) Good morning you fellow Dutchie @mariokluser, :rofl: How are you doing today? :rofl: Sure I’m always online but this mostly due to other things I do outside Fiverr. I know 24/7 is a bit exaggerated hahaha.

Surely, I try to be online as much as I can, except of course not when I’m in dreamland :crazy_face: But this is mostly due to my lifestyle outside Fiverr… I have a very busy lifestyle and I’m glad that Fiverr sends us emails when an order is placed, it is thanks to this feature I have 1-hour response rate.

It is true, it is boring to read all these threads of new sellers when it is all nicely explained in the ToS. But I always say, no question is a dumb question, however, when these questions already being explained in ToS, you start to wonder??? :thinking::joy:

Keep it up @mariokluser, see you’re doing a great job… love your Gigs!!

Ik wens je nog een fijne dag! (I wish you a wonderful day):sun_with_face:

Warmly, Hum The Flying Dutchie


I don’t want to be online 24 hours a day boss :upside_down_face: I just want to be online when I watching the tutorial cause when I watching a tutorial then i can not load the page on Fiverr on that situation fiverr goes offline, i already use apps on mobile and click the button online but i goes to offline , what should i do??/

mention google extention name please?

right boss :neutral_face::neutral_face: whats way you follow?

i wanna be online without sleeping time, :star_struck:

I rather not, but you’ll find it… not because I don’t want you too, but mostly because people will start using it and I will get the blame for it… google it, do research and you’ll find it, GOOD luck!! :joy:


That means that you also couldn’t answer a question a potential buyer sends your way, right? And if you appear to be online, but aren’t answering messages, buyers might think that you’re ignoring them on purpose.