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How to narrow search geographically? Need Philly talent


Hello fellow Fiverrs, how do I narrow the search to a specific geographic location? I’m specifically looking for talent in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I’m looking to buy a few spokesperson gigs - from the Philadelphia museum steps. How can I narrow the search? Any tips or ideas are appreciated. Thank you! Keep giggin’!


You can only narrow it by country in the search filters (though you could use Google if the seller has put that info into their public profile). Though you could put in a buyer request (buying->post a request) and specify you want it filmed in a particular location (such as the Philadelphia museum steps). A spokesperson from somewhere else could use a green screen with a background of the museum steps area. Though either one (actually being there or using a green screen backdrop) would likely need relevant permissions/property rights I think (or maybe it depends on the age of the building).


THANK YOU SO MUCH ! I appreciate your thoughtful reply and help!