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How to not annoy my fiverr programmer I hired


I have a question …I hired somebody to help me design a website a couple of times through fiverr and I have some issues with communication. I’m very strong on communicating and helping even though I’m the customer needing design work I’ve noticed that when I am looking to hire somebody they answer right away within a minute but once they’re hired the green light goes out on the chat box on their name and I don’t hear from them for a day or sometimes 2 days I like giving small updates of things I have done to help them like add items to the site like the policy pages ect… Is not replying back normal? I don’t want to become an annoying client but I dislike not communicating. I know these programmers are busy and I may not be the only project they have, but when you have hundreds of dollars out there It can make one nervous when they just don’t reply. Especially when they were INSTANT on replies when they wanted to be hired.

Any advice on this subject?


I would be nervous too! It seems like some sellers don’t have an idea of how to do good customer relations. Not sure what to tell you but I’m really sorry this is happening to you.


No, it’s not normal.
I think it’s mostly because the first response affects the ‘response time’ of the seller. So, it’s done quickly. However, this is not every seller. Most of the sellers respond quickly to every inquiry of the buyer.

Personally I wonder why would someone do that. Isn’t it more effective if the buyer communicates on every aspect. Makes the process much easier and helps in preventing repeated revisions.


He hasn’t started my project yet which is fine he has 10 days I have sent him a couple of messages letting him know that I worked on the privacy policy, terms of service, about us page ect… to make his job less difficult he has not answered me back
and I know he was online for a few minutes I saw he was typing to me and stopped if this continues is it possible to get ahold of fiverr and tell them I want to select a different person to complete my project? or am I stuck with him??

it’s only been a day or two since I accepted his bid I just don’t like him not communicating back with me it’s very unsettling >> I picked this provided because he has over 17 5 star reviews…


The super busy designer I use may send a message right away when I order then let a couple of days go by before he gets to me, but when I see 35 orders in his queue I am always patient. Then when he starts on my order, he sends fast messages one after the next and I’m right there in real time telling him what I want changed and revised so it goes very fast at that point.

If I paid over $100 I would expect more though, a couple of messages a day at least.


First, why would you do his work. You paid for it. That’s really nice of you :stuck_out_tongue:
Second, if you want you can cancel the order and hire someone else.


I actually did some of his work because he’s only going to give me so many pages to do in his quote and I know how to do some of them so I’m going to do the ones I know so the ones I don’t know he’ll do and I’ll get more done and not have to pay him to do the pages I know how to… but is it possible to cancel out I didn’t know that??? and also someone said I can look in his que and see how many jobs he has?? I don’t know how to do that either I guess I’m too new here


You can send a message to customer support letting them know he is not responding to you. Ask for a refund. There is no excuse for his behavior.

He should tell you when he is starting, and give twice a day updates. He should never ignore your questions for more than about 10 hours, to give him time to sleep etc.


You need to go to each of his gigs to see the total. Click on each of his gigs and it should say the amount in the queue for that gig.

It’s possible he has a lot in the queue. It’s also possible he may take some days off, eg. weekends. You could also ask him if there is any issue with you altering the site he’s designing. eg. if he’s designing X but X is changing after the order has started.


You can go to the ‘resolution center’ and ask for cancellation. You can see the resolution button on the left of the order page.

However, if the work is not so urgent, I think you should wait a while for them to respond.


thank you I will do that… If he doesnt answer my by tomorrow ( thats 48 hours) Is it possible to cancel my job with him?? I just find it strange that before I wanted to hire him he was online a lot I saw the green light next to his name almost constantly during the day
and now that I’ve hired him the green light is out it looks like he’s not online I bet he’s turned it off so I can’t tell he’s online

I could be wrong but I don’t like that I messaged him 3 times with updates of things I have done to make his job easier for him and he doesn’t answer me


Yes, at least you can request cancellation as s_akhter described above through the resolution centre.


I would get a refund and not even wait 48 hours. He shouldn’t leave you hanging and ignored.


Yes the Work is not urgent… I have another person who really wanted to take on the job and I think he may have done a better job( was 100 more ) but it was kind of a coin toss and I picked this fella now I wonder if I made the wrong choice?? I just don’t like him not communicating and I have a feeling he’s online and I just can’t see him


I want to give him the benefit of the doubt maybe a situation came up Beyond his control and he really isn’t around I don’t know but I’m just a bit uncomfortable


If you are not happy with him, then just cancel the order and contact the one you want to hire.

By the way, may I know what the job is related to?


Absolutely I’m getting a Shopify website …WordPress completely built from the ground up he’s doing the entire website


He is not started this project … if I cancel the order before he starts anything with my project do I get a refund?? and not have to pay him any if that’s the case I may want to cancel now and hire the person I wish now I did in the first place…because he has done nothing he has not started at all >>> which is fine<< because he has 10 days but I don’t want him to begin the project I get uncomfortable then I want to cancel and then he’s got time invested


I will be following this so I hope you keep us updated. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time but am a bit lost as to who to hire or how to do this.


Why would the seller accept a cancellation (and account repercussions etc.) for an order which hasn’t come to the delivery time?

@kram1963 - if you’ve given the seller all the info you need to complete the task, why would they need to get back to you on such a regular basis.

That would seem to be extremely unfair - cancelling an order before it’s even been started seems a bit rich. Your seller’s stats would be affected by this even if the order hadn’t been started.