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How to not be LATE with order anymore


So when you fail to deliver on time, that order will appears as being LATE and will affect your reputation. That is understandable.

BUT if you deliver on time, and then the buyer asks for a REVISION, I don`t see any reason for such an order to appear as LATE.

Why should I, as a seller, have LATE orders since I delivered on time? Of course if the buyer will ask for modifications I will need extra time to complete it, usually a few hours. I find it unfair that in this time my order will appear as LATE and affect my reputation. If I deliver on time in the first place, I think it would make more sense for that order to NOT appear as late anymore, even if the buyer will ask for modifications. Modifications just naturally need a little bit of extra time.

If I have 3 days to deliver, I should deliver in 24 hours if I consider that the buyer will probably ask for adjustments, in order to have the order completed within the next 3 days. Which is not really ok for me as a seller, I mean if I have 3 days, let it be free days and if I make the delivery on time, it should NOT appear late anymore even if the buyer will ask for additional adjustments.

Sometimes buyers disappear and they come back and ask for modifications after a week. So why should I have a LATE order just because the buyer was not responsive?

Please consider only marking an order as LATE if the INITIAL delivery is late, and NOT if the buyer will ask for modifications.

Just a suggestion

Thank you very much for reading


I second the motion here.

I have the same problem. That’s why I got late on some orders.

I suggest the same as you.


I agree!!

🖒 give us 24 hours from the revision request time and/ or don’t mark it as late if we’ve delivered on time.


Agreed :slight_smile:


I agree. This can often happen with article writing gigs, where good repeat customers ask for a few changes. This could be solved by telling buyers to ask for revisions via messaging. Right now, especially for buyers who are not fluent in English, they will often hit the button that rejects the order, not realizing the implications.


The late status is only there to remind you that you need to redeliver the order. Fiverr cs say it won’t affect your account as long as you take action as soon as possible.


if the buyer asks for a revision, and you need to charge for that revision, sending him a custom add-on that does not cover the amount of days passed, will lead to the order being flagged as late.

that is a well-known bug.

I always add a manual add-on and add a week to delivery time, just to make sure that I am safe. :slight_smile:


THIS EXACT THING JUST HAPPENED TO ME…Nov2018…looks like they’ve had ample time to fix this…


This is a major issue that needs to be fixed. The only reason why I’m not on level one is because of this late delivery stuff UGH