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How to not being flagged everythime I explain to a client that a contact outside Fiverr is not alowed?

Hi everyone,

Does any of you had a client asking a contact outside Fiverr? I’m sure most of you had.

I usually answer the client that no contact is allowed between freelancers and clients outside Fiverr, which may result in the cancellation of the account. And I kindly ask to the client to not ask for that again. explaining that the client can confirm the terms and conditions of Fiverr at “User Conduct and Protection” > “Basics” and I always give them the link to TOS.

I do exactly the same if it’s a potential client, or if it’s a client that already have an order in place. However, this time was different because I did the same and my message was flagged.

What is the best option to not being flagged for that?


I say things like “We can only discuss this via Fiverr chat.” Say that what you are doing would be through Fiverr instead of saying where it can’t be. That makes it easier to avoid the words that get flagged.

It isn’t clear what words you are using in these flagged conversations. Look through them and assess what alternate meaning they could suggest.


Speaking of being flagged or worse, I just got an order from a client that didn’t talk with me beforehand and shared an email address in the gig requirements. Obviously I don’t ask for stuff like that… Should I report this to customer support, how should I handle this?

I hate when buyers do that. It is so thoughtless. Respond that you can only communicate by Fiverr and that anything else is forbidden.


This sounds like an innocent mistake from a buyer who is not familiar with the TOS. Maybe just ignore the email and deliver your work here.

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I tell them that all the communication must go through Fiverr.

I had a client who shared his email address (or was it his phone?) on the order page, but since he also provided me with enough information to write the script for him, I just delivered the order and explained that communication outside of Fiverr isn’t allowed. I got a great review and everything worked fine. Some time later, I saw him complaining on the forum about some other seller, he wanted the seller to contact him via email, but the seller didn’t do it.

In your case, it depends on whether you got enough information to complete the work or not. If you do, you can just deliver normally and explain to the client that all the communication and materials exchange must go through Fiverr. If you don’t have enough information, try asking for it on the order page, and if that doesn’t work, you can explain the situation to CS and ask them to cancel the order for you.

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Thank you

I immediately replied to him that this is against the Fiverr TOS, I encouraged him to read it for more information. And regarding the topic, I ended up suggesting him a topic based on what guidelines he provided and he agreed.

I was afraid that I would get in trouble just because he shared an email address randomly without any reason.

That’s unlikely to happen unless your response indicates that you will contact him outside of Fiverr.