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How to offend Buyers best

By now I had almost 500 Gigs on fiverr and the great, great majority of them worked out well. But recently I made an experience I just have to share.

I ordered “15 high quality comments on your YouTube video” and asked the seller if he can drip feed that comments. Half an hour later I returned the message “Order complete”. Without any consultation he pumped in 15 comments within 15 minutes. Only statement by him: “Drip feed is extra”. Well, I would have ordered this extra if only he would have offert this.

I told him so, but my concerns because of the speed of commenting where denied with the words “drip feed is overrated”. I mean, I’m doing SEO now for 6 years - I’m no complete idiot. But although I wasn’t very happy with this Gig I didn’t gave a negative reviews. In fact I gave 4.5 stars.

To make a long story short: Today I had a look at my video and discovered that 11 of 15 comments got deleted by Youtube. I wanted to give seller feedback on this but to my surprise I saw that he rated me “Unacceptable Experience”.

So if you’re looking to offend buyers best, just act like this smart seller: Deliver poor perfomance, be arrogant, and rate buyers negative when they allow themselves to critize your work. This is by far the best way to shut down your business.

You can still edit your rating, but I’d encourage you to request a refund instead. If the Buyer denies, share some screenshots of your discussion with the Customer Support folks in a report to them.

Hello, yes even a seller of fake youtube comments should act courtesy, professionalism, honesty and integrity.

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He delivered his service as described in an impressive 30 minutes, for that he deserves 5 stars. You can’t fault him for not delivering it in a way that he didn’t offer.

However his spammy comments getting deleted, for me, would’ve brought that rating down to 2 stars.

I would have written “Thanks” and given you a rating of 4 stars. Your seller got upset because anything less than 5 stars has the potential of lowering one’s rating.

However, deleting the comments he wrote was unethical, you paid for those comments. My advice to you is don’t mess with people that can mess with you, and if you really want sellers to love you, tell them that if they do a great job, you’ll give them a tip. Or order the tip beforehand.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Till today I never had any troubles with sellers. Almost all here on fiver do a really great job. And once I’ve found someone I can rely on, I’m coming back over and over again because I’m too lazy digging thru all offers. I understand that everything less than 5 stars may hurt your reputation, but for buyers honest reviews are the only way to estimate the quality of any gig.

Reply to @powerblog88: Well, buying youtube comments is against the rules of youtube to begin with. So do not be surpised when gigs related to this go wrong.

ALso, if you wanted them to be spread out, or have special instructions for a gig, then you should always contact them BEFORE placing the order. Once you place the order, they will do what is stated in the gig.

Reply to @sincere18: I guess, if everybody would only play by the rules of Youtube or Google, the whole SEO niche (and all related Gigs) could shut down :wink: