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How to offer 50% off selected Gigs for a short period?

I have a number of Gigs and I want to offer 50% off selected Gigs for a short period say 30 days. How do I do that. I want to show the normal price and also offer the 50% discount. Is there an option to do this?


I’m afraid that kind of feature isn’t available on Fiverr. But, you can manually amend the price of your gig and leave a note in your description about the discount.

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sorry i think such feature is not available yet you can decrease your prices for a while

You could always add a note on the description that’s like SPECIAL OFFER: CONTACT ME AND GET 50% OFF so that when they message you about it you can send them a custom offer. Or just lower the price in the gig and announce somewhere that is a limited offer.