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How to offer a discount on a order?

Ok so I have a client for one of my SEO gigs. One part of the Gig was to release a press release for him. Unfortunately, the press release won’t get approved because his business is cannabis-related and the press release company doesn’t want to get involved with that type of content. I want to offer him a partial discount so we can go and purchase a blog feature from another Fiverr seller that strictly sells blog articles on his cannabis blog. Is there any way I can offer a partial discount for an ongoing order?

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The only way Fiverr’s given to ‘refund’ a part of an order is to create a new order, complete that one, then cancel the first. Unfortunately, this means the buyer has to pay upfront (and the amount wouldn’t return to their payment method), and it means your cancellation rate will be affected (unless you try to go through CS for the cancellation, which could take weeks, and might still affect your account anyway).

Alternatively, you could ask if there’s any service you could offer in place of removed part of the order, or offer a discount on a future order.

I think that is is the better path. It is not your fault the press release got knocked back (unless you arranged that and didn’t check first).

Surely this person still needs a press release. They just need to find a better-suited avenue - which they might consider in advance now they know that their subject is controversial (whoda thunk). There are likely several publications that are open to, if not very pro-pot promo.