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How to offer a gig in €?

Hi there! :wave:

This is my first post in this forum so I hope I did everything right in the beginning :slight_smile:

I have a question regarding the Dollar to Euro System on Fiverr. Since most of my clients are from Germany, I offer them individual offers in Euro.

So far, I am only able to make offers in Dollars. Before I do that, I look up the exchange rate, so I can get the correct price in Euro. Let’s look at an example:

I want to offer a gig for 60€. The Dollar Rate would be ~72$. But if I type that amount in, my Euro will be at ~63€. So everytime, I have to guess how much $ to put in actually, to get the right €.

Is there a better way to solve this?

Thank you a lot in advance!


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Hi Melissa!

Unfortunately not, there’s no better way than what you are already doing. As of now it is not possible to offer a gig in €.


Thank you a lot. That’s really sad :frowning:

At least if I could rely on the actual exchange rate, that would be a start …

Well thanks anyways !

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