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How to offer the right gig for a buyer's request!? Help


I’m only given 1-2 options of which gig to send a buyer request, but I know that I would get a better response rate if I was able to choose from all my gigs. Does anyone know if this is even an option? Sometimes it gives me an arrow to choose from my gigs, but it doesn’t show all of them. Other times it only gives me one gig and it’s not the best one. I’m sure it’s done from keywords, but why won’t it let me offer what I know is best for ME to offer??!?!?

Any help, loopholes or resolutions to this would be really helpful. Thanks Fiverrers! :slight_smile:

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I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. There’s a couple things I’m doing to try to fit more buyer requests. I’m trying to get as specific with my gigs as possible. I used to have 1 gig for linesheets, look books and catalogs. That only gave me 1 category to try to fit to buyer requests. Now I have 3 gig each referring to the other 2 gigs. I have them all in different categories so now I’m 3 times as likely to have a gig that’s similar to what the requested category.

The other is that I have empty gig slots. Meaning I can still make more gigs. If I see a request that’s right up my alley but don’t have a matching gig for it I’ll make one in that category specifically for that request. I put something in the description that says something like… Check out the following gig for more examples of similar work and feedback ratings. Then I suspend or delete the “referral” gig. I don’t know if that’s really a loophole but it gets around the issue somewhat effectively.

It’s been a little more than a week since I started doing this and it’s generated 3 or 4 sales. One just today for $65! I’m pretty psyched. It’s my highest paid single gig so far.

Hope that helps!


kjblynx said: Sadly it isn't an option. When a buyer makes a request they have to pick a category and a subcategory that they are looking for the gig to be from, and they might pick something very different than what you might have picked. This really limits our selection, as the system only allows you to submit things that are in at least the same category.

Totally hate this! I hope this was something they will eventually fix, just allow a drop down box for all your gigs and let the seller pick the best one to send. There are requests I have gigs for, but it select the right one. Sad because buyers/sellers miss some good opportunities.


What I find really unsettling is that new buyers who are unfamiliar with the categories and subcategories are allowed to choose them. I once clicked on a request for a transcription and the only gig I could choose to send to them was one for reviews. They had simply “guessed” category incorrectly. I’m not blaming them in any way. Mistakes can be made. But to leave the selection up to a newcomer is unwise.

The excuse of “avoiding spam” is nonsense. I can now “spam” them with gig offers that are totally unrelated to their request. Almost like “forced” spam.

Like the promogirl said, so many good opportunities missed.


I completely agree with all of you. Brian - Those are some helpful tips and I’ll have to figure out how I should approach it since I already have 8 gigs. Since many of them are new buyers, they don’t really know which categories and sub-categories to choose - another great point! Hopefully enough of us start feeling this way that Fiverr peeps will actually do something about it :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

PS - If anyone else has any ideas or similar situations to share, please do!!


You’re welcome. When you hit lvl. 2 it’s easier to diversify.