How To Optimize Facebook Custom Tabs for More Conversions


Hey folks,

I’ve mastered a really neat way to create any kind of sales page, mini website or opt-in page and bring those pages inside tabs on a Facebook page.

The best part about this is, it’s all done using free ‘https’ hosting. As most, if not all of you know, bringing a webpage inside a tab is not possible if it’s not ‘https’. This method that I’ve mastered is so cool that you don’t even need paid hosting. Which makes it great for those of us who are just getting started and don’t have the extra $$ for hosting etc…

The idea is to drive traffic to your sales page, mini website or opt-in page using Facebook ads.

This should also lower your advertising costs when you need to get some Facebook traffic to your offer/s

That being said, not all of it can be done for free. There are some missing pieces needed, that are not free, but also not expensive.

If you think something like this can help you or you want to set up a Gig offering this type of service, let me know.


Screen shot >>