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How to Optimize The New Fiverr Profile For Better Sales

Your Fiverr profile is more than just a place to put your picture and a few words about yourself. It is an integral part of converting interested visitors into paying buyers. In fact, our new profile page has directly led to a 4% overall increase in orders.

The reason is trust

When it comes to buying anything (especially online) we want to know who we are dealing with. On Fiverr, experienced sellers have reputation Levels and visible feedback from their previous clients. Potential buyers can quickly identify by the comments left by others and the seller’s level whether the seller is someone they can work with.

New sellers, however, enter Fiverr without a reputation or any feedback. They rely mainly on their Gig descriptions, videos and images to convey the value they offer. Many new sellers forget that their user profile is also a key part of this process. It’s not just a space to show a picture of you. It’s the section where you sell yourself as an important reason for purchasing what you offer.

Your Fiverr Profiles are an expression of your passion

They’re part of you, so it’s important that buyers get a real sense of who you are and what matters to you via the profile photo. The first step is choosing a picture that conveys that value you want to show. Choosing an image of an object, an animal or anything else that isn’t you doesn’t help. It looks like you’re trying to be anonymous, something that doesn’t increase trust. The best profile picture reveals your emotions and conveys a sense of the real you. Trying to be anything other than yourself is basically lying, so just be yourself and be proud. Buyers aren’t looking to see if you look ‘cool’ or if you are good looking. They just want to see who the person is behind those amazing Gigs. You may also consider creating a caricature of yourself and using that for your profile picture. It gives an impression of your fun-loving nature.

Your profile description is your chance to cement that first impression

Think of it as the opportunity to describe yourself in the space of two tweets. It can be about where you’re from, why you sell on Fiverr and what your customers can expect. It can also be truly personal, conveying value by your circumstances and what you are passionate about. The only real rule is to be genuine when writing about your professional and personal background and experience. Going for the hard sell pushes more people away than it attracts, and people can always sense when someone is being dishonest, especially online.

See your profile as an opportunity to have a dialogue with potential customers

Let them know who you are and what you stand for. Making a personal connection often means cementing interest and getting that order.

Take advantage of new Fiverr features to enhance your profile

These new features are designed to communicate more information to buyers faster, which can help you generate more sales.

We’ve added the ability to include a one-line statement that will appear on the profile page, directly below the seller’s name. This is a great opportunity to help your potential buyers to get to know and trust you. This one-line statement, along with your profile description, can be edited on the new “My Profile” page. - See more at:

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