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How to Optimize your gigs to get more sales


Thanks everyone for watching this post. I just want to share some tips for the new sellers so that they may have better experience using fiverr.

TIP1: Use relevant Tags, Titles and also make sure to use your primary keywords in the first paragraph of your gig description.
TIP2: Use high quality image for your gig thumbnail. The minimum size for the gig thumbnail is 550x370 but make sure to use this size 1000x673 or more for better quality image.
TIP3: Always share your gig on social Medias like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest to get more clicks.
TIP4: Use Buyer Request and give your best offer to the buyer so that you may get the project.

Thanks I usually follow these above tips to generate sales. Please let me know if you any suggestion. I’ll be happy to hear that.

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Searching new job. Thanks for your advice.


Really Great thread for new sellers .

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Thank you for sharing this valuable piece. As a new seller here, I hope to benefit from implementing your recommendations.

Very nice tips. Thank you Mr @big_work we wait for more tips from you.

Great Tips. Hope I will get some orders .

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nice tips. Hope we can benefit from them

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got it thanks your advice

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Great set of tips here! Something all new Fiverr sellers should check out :blush: