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How to order for $200?

I have agreed a job with a seller and he ask me to order for $200 (the agreed price for the job). How can I do it?

I don’t want to create a gig as I already know who is going to do the job. Should I request him to create a gig specially for me for $200 and then I order it? Is there any other way of doing it?


Ok! Thank you all for your help!

You can also ask the Seller to temporarily jack all his Gig Extras to their maximum price. I do this for Buyers on my big animation jobs. As a Level 2 Seller that allows me to get $165 in just one order.

Reply to @kjblynx: That is why I started my statement with "You can also ASK the Seller…"

Always better to get the two parties to communicate directly IF you don’t want confusion and a boatload of cancelled orders or potential negative reviews.

Reply to @kjblynx: Just to update you, TRS can directly initiate a custom project from conversation area and it can be from $5 to $1000 :slight_smile:

Indeed a very nice new option which is available to TRS at the moment, and i hope fiverr should make this available to every level buyer. This will end such problems of custom project for higher prices.