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How to order from buyer

How do I get an order from a buyer?


You have 30 minutes of read time on the forums. Try searching through the forums first before posting as there are hundreds of posts giving you tips. Check out this category for some good posts. Tips for Sellers - Fiverr Community Forum

You also may want to improve your gig images and descriptions. There are quite a few spelling mistakes. Also I highly recommend removing unlimited revisions. It is asking for trouble and for a gig such as image retouching there is no reason a buyer would need more than a couple of revisions at most.


Thanks for your recommendation.

try to send unique 10 buyer request daily. You can follow her tips
How to Send Attractive Buyer Request - Fiverr Tips / Tips for Sellers - Fiverr Community Forum

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i will try to send everyday 10 buyer request .
thank you.