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How to order more then top reted seller in fiverr

Hello, I’m a new Seller at this fiver’s market place. I’ve been working for more than 5 years now, outside of this market. Now I want to work here and want to be the top rated seller. What should I do if my
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Focus on getting level one first. If you set your expectations really high when you just start you might be sad it won’t happen as fast as you had hoped. When you get level one focus on getting level two. Focus on your work and communication rather than levels.



Funny question, a top seller is like a dream you cant get that position so fast


Yes, I certainly can work, maybe I do not know my identity and I can say that I am new to this market.

Wait, your thread title says you want to have more orders than top rated sellers, right? But then you said you want to be a top rated seller. You can’t have both - either you want to be a top rated seller, or have more orders than top rated sellers do :stuck_out_tongue:


If you are the top rated seller with the most orders on the website, you can be both. You have more orders than 99.99% of top rated sellers, and you are one yourself.

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this is long time process i think

Ya think? :slight_smile:

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What does the horizontal axis represent? If it’s time, how is it possible? :confused:


I see you’ve never experienced things going so badly it feels like time is moving backward? :wink:


Good question!

Right answer. :joy:


thank you your beauty full information

Well so no one would have been succussed. I think so, but no one is succesy

Try hardly you will be success

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thank for your comment

Yes, that’s right, I have come to the new way . So I want to be familiar with the roads of Shuffle way, for which future will not be wasted.

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you got my respected salutea14

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After many days, I think your words are correct

%%%%thank’s boss%%%%%

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