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HOW TO . . . "Order Now" Graphic?

In the My Fiverr Gigs forum category, how does one include the standard graphic with the green “Order Now” button with a snapshot of one’s Gig? There is a file upload option, but I don’t think that’s the way, as all such graphics in postings have the same format.

If you know, do share. I feel I am missing something obvious.

Cheers - James

ER, UM, big time - NEVER MIND. (You just add in your URL under the title). No embarrassment here; nope; none. I’m good.

LOL, thank you! I was just about to write back and I scrolled down and saw your own reply. It gave me the first good laugh I’ve had today - not at your embarrassment, just at how easy it would be to miss and how funny your reply was. Don’t be embarrassed - you might have helped someone else besides making me giggle.