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How to Order Voice Overs on Fiverr

Some folks have questions about Voice Over, what talent should you hire, and how it works. I explain that here.

Great video but a free audition on Fiverr? I am not sure about that. I am always happy to provide different samples I have on file.

Your samples don’t cover the hundreds of different ways a script can be read… Auditioning is completely normal. You can’t cover all emotions and energy forms in a 1 minute sample. A “voice over demo” only covers your type-casted sound and your ‘ability’… An audition provides the client with a sound to their project to see if you fit.

If you went and tried to get hired in the real world outside of Fiverr in a studio somewhere and you told them you weren’t going to audition for the job… they’d laugh you out the door… as it’s completely mandatory. Granted a lot of clients on Fiverr won’t care much about acting ability toward their script… there are a lot of clients that DO care because it’s essential to either their SALE or the believability/connection to their project, and they want to know what it will specifically sound like on their copy, and if they ask you to audition a portion of their script and you say “No” they’ll find the folks that will.

I agree with you and I don’t have a problem auditioning but certainly not on Fiverr for a $5 job. I have other samples on hand that I usually send out to clients after narrowing down what style they are aiming for. I audition on other plattforms all the time but these are paid auditions or jobs that go into the hundreds. A lot of sellers here on Fiverr get burned by providing free samples. The buyer might tell you it’s a test but in the end it’s the project and they disappear with free work. You are still fairly new to Fiverr eventually you will experience this yourself. I understand your point though ;).

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That happens outside of Fiverr. I’ve actually had someone try and do that to me last night (here on Fiverr). I’ll audition their script no problem, but I don’t read the whole thing… I read only part of it and if they have a business name, I change it to something else, or change the phone number. I would never give anyone their full read. People have tried all sorts of tricks and negotiations, … it doesn’t fly here on Fiverr, especially when prices are already at discounted rates. There are some dirty rats, and it’s a shame that people could be such a cheap-skate, ESPECIALLY HERE of all places where they are getting voice overs done at almost 40x less than normal industry price rates.

I just ran across this. Nice video overall.

I think it’s a personal business model decision. If you want to audition for $5 gigs, go for it. But I don’t think you can call having a business model of not auditioning on Fiverr a “red flag.” It’s probably the more common practice.

And yes, if someone wants a custom sample, they can order a $5 gig. That’s valid as well.

I would never audition for a $5 gig. Why? because the amount of words to audition is usually THE amount someone orders anyway if it’s $5. Typically, just from listening to my demo if it’s straight forward (which it usually is), they will hire me from that.

HOWEVER. When it comes to more expensive things like commericials, stuff with animation, and gigs where they may have longer text. Just like with any agency out there… they are going to want to know what the talent may sound like on their project before committing to that talent. It’s just common sense.

I’m not going to hire an actor in a movie until they audition and I know they are good for the role. Same thing applies to a big project someone has.

Many times clients will just send an order to someone for $5 and the talent won’t know that the client did that same thing for 3 other people (same script) that they’ve already shortlisted to read their script. And out of the $15 they just spent, they will hire ONE of those talents to continue working for them long-term, the one that read and fit their project the best.

I “audition” on fiverr the odd time it is necessary, by getting the client to order a small sample gig (so I know they are serious) then discount the amount of that small gig off their final order if they are happy to go ahead once they hear my voice, so it doesn’t cost them anything, if that makes sense. I was burned too many times by clients asking for a sample (that sometimes was pretty much their whole job), then disappearing. Happy to do it on other platforms where the rates for the jobs are significantly higher, so the ROI of time is covered, but not here.


Whether on Fiverr or outside of Fiverr, you never give someone a full audition (unless they are a reputable company). Give enough to where they clearly have enough to make a judgement call. Change the company name or phone number in the read. Add a watermark… but never give them useable material.