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How To Overcame 4.6 ? And Keep Level?

Fiverr Already Noticed Me -
(Please Review Your Stats Below And Act Accordingly To Avoid a Level Demotion. Your Next Evaluation is On Feb 15, 2021)
I’m Digital Marketer. I Got 35 5star Review But Recently I Got 4 Bad Reviews.
1.3star- The Buyer Was Doing a Lot Of Extra Work. One Time I Said You have to New Order For This.
3star- I Asked For Permission To deliver The Work Many Times Before Delivery. The Buyer Was Not Online. My Work Was Done And I Delivered.
3.7Star- The Buyer want to Run Ads Campaign Only 3/4 Full USA. I Said It Is Not Possible To sell Your Book For 3-4$. But The Buyer Request Me To Try.
4.3Star- The Buyer Happy With My Work But Unfortunately Gave me 4.3 . But Inbox Me He Gave me 5star. Then Buyer Was Told Sorry. Maybe It’s Mistake.

What Can I Do Right Now?
If I Want To Keep The My Level , How Many Order Need To Be Completed With 5star?

At First I had a Gig Rank. Gig’s Impression Was 27k+ But Right Now 1.6K. But I No Bad Review This Gig. So Let Me Know Why?

When I Want To Work So I Send Buyer Request And Get Order From Buyer Request.

How Can I Rank My Gig?

I’m Sorry If I Made a Mistake. I’m New To Fiverr.
There Are many Expert Here. I Would Be Very Helpful If Could Solve My Fiverr Problem And Give Tips For Fiverr Growth. Also Answer My Question.

Thank You So Much .


It is very difficult to read your post as every word begins with a capital letter.

For better communication (especially if you are responding to Buyer Requests) just use a capital letter at the start of each sentence.

Suggest you read through your reviews and see what you can improve.

Your level is evaluated every month so even if you do lose it you can always move back up.

PS. It is not allowed to use the Fiverr logo in any of your images.


Thank you so much lloydsolutions. Actually I’m new.
Maybe that’s Why It Feels So Much Worse.


You are not new - you are a Seller for over 6 months.

And you do have 4.8 reviews in total, not 4.6.

You are not allowed to ask about the review.


Your rating will be based on all the ratings you have within the past 60 days. So, hopefully… your next buyers will give you a better rating.

Although you can evaluate what went wrong with the previous buyers (the ones who rated you poorly). So you don’t experience that again. Was it because you didn’t deliver something? Or was it because they paid a certain amount but need more work than was advertised, etc…?

Re-evaluate your gig offering and pricing, you will recover from this! Take it as a lesson and just keep moving forward.


Thank you
Yes only 6 months.
Profile Overall 4.8 . Positing Rating 4.6 show on my phone Fiverr Apps.

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I Did Not Ask Buyer. The buyer said (I gave you 5star)

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Thank you so much theratypist. I will try my best.

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This post might be helpful for you


Thank you so much Oishee

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