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How to partial refund to buyer


I have a buyer that received the order and after viewing the video I made, he requested the video to be in HD. His package already included HD. It’s $5…he wants his $5 back. He ordered it by mistake and already downloaded the video. If I cancel the order I don’t get paid, but he already downloaded the order. Not sure what to do.


Hi Steve,

You can’t refund partial amounts I’m afraid.

Options - cancel this order, and ask him to order again - not ideal. Give him an extra worth $5. Tell him if he used your services again, you’ll give him a $5 discount.


if he is seller plus buyer, you can buy one of his GIG for refunding…(not official method but people do this)


you can send an additional custom offer to the buyer you call it refund partial and you cancel the order after that …if the buyer is good with refunding he will cancel too other wise he will ask the full refund .


lol thats a wrong way :wink: a huge risk to get banned for exchanging Reviews :smiley: