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How to Pay back half amount of actual budget.......?

Any one knows how to pay half amount of order. I send a complete order but buyer wants to pay less then the actual order amount. Please tell me the method…


If you’ve done the full amount of work why would you accept only half the fee?

The buyer requested me to reduce some amount …
Please tell me the method…

The only way to do it would be to cancel your current order and send a custom order for half the amount but I don’t recommend it.

If I want a new car, I pay the agreed price on the screen, not half because I don’t fancy paying the full amount.


any other method plz…

No - that’s about it I’m afraid. :sunny:

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If i am not accept her request then she will cancel the order…

There is no other way I’m afraid - perhaps you should speak to CS?

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Thank you very much dear for your kind help…

Your most expensive gig is $10. Customer wants to pay half of that?

The actual budget of order is $32 she wants to pay $16…

If your service is worth $32 then explain that you won’t do it for $16 and end of story.
If she doesn’t like it then she can contact CS and explain to them why she believes she should get 50% off.

If it goes to cancellation then so be it. Move on and work on something else.


if she cancel the order then my profile will be effected i think…

Yes, but your level can’t go any lower than this.
If she gets 50% off then she might as well ask 80% off when the job is done and still cancel it.

While you’re wasting your time on this client your competitors are upskilling, delivering orders and doing whatever needed to advance their profile.


Did you reduce the work too ?

You can’t change the price once the offer is accepted. Your client must pay what he/she accepted to pay. The only solution is to cancel this order and place a new order.

I am dreaming about a supermarket or a house seller who would accept the half amount…


otherwise she cancel the order dear…

Let her cancel the order then. If you refuse to cancel, she would have to explain to CS why she believes she is entitled to 50% off the contractually agreed price, and why she otherwise ought to receive a 100% refund.

If you delivered the order according to your Gig’s specifications, you’re in the clear. Did the Buyer even grant you the courtesy of explaining why she wants 50% off after the fact? If she didn’t, think about that.

Also, don’t refer to people as ‘dear.’ That’s a vilified term here, and for good reason.

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You’re not all that good at this business thing, are you?

Your price is $32. You should be paid the price that you ask for your services. If you give in to anyone who wants less than what you charge, you open the door for people to take advantage of you. Don’t let people take advantage of you.


Tell your buyer that the price of your services on Fiverr is already discounted.

To be honest, someone haggling over $16 likely has flies buzzing around them. They aren’t going to leave you 5 nice shiny stars, even if you throw in a golden goose with their delivery.

Bite the bullet and value yourself more.