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How to pay for a 30 day service via fiverr?


I am looking for programmers thats will work for me 30 days.

Is this the wrong approach going on fiverr?

Should I use other portals?

I did that and got “flagged” so i cant talk to them anymore.

If i interview one at a time i wont have a project getting started in even 2 months…

If you got flagged it’s likely because you were trying to share contact information.

In either case, as it stands, it sounds like you are trying to use Fiverr to replace a conventional work force. Sadly, I can’t see this working. For 30 days of continuous work, you would require sellers to work for you alone. Competent/successful sellers, however, can easily clear $100 a day. In this case, would you be willing to pay $100 a day to your sellers?

If not, you would have to select new sellers who you realistically wouldn’t be able to measure the competency of prior to hiring them. Moreover, even in this case, you will be hard pressed to hire someone for less than $50 per day.

Then comes the crunch, not only will very few sellers submit to an interview with you, but no seller in their right mind would work on a 30-day full-time project unless they get paid by the day. i.e. after a days work, you accept delivery of that days work and make a new order with the same seller for the next days work.

So, realistically you are looking at $3000 per freelancer you hire for your 30-day project plus a hell of a lot of daily administration. In the meantime, if you are a grumpy, demanding boss, you will have freelancers just quitting along the way and then you will have to go out and find new ones to replace them.

The best solution? Hire someone in the real word. Either that or keep all your fingers and toes crossed that you might get very very lucky.

30 days of work would not be $ 5.

It is my opinion probadi $ 5x30.
Please see the bag.

Because on other sites web design minimal job is $ 500 for the work of a good site

Got the point…Just go the right way to search for the best programmer you can have here…