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How to pay for a completed project

I needed a small job done, just lining up my TOC page so it is neat, and in response someone did it and sent it to me to approve. I want to pay for it but there isn’t a link to make the payment. Thank you.

Ask the guy to send you a custom offer… You need to accept that and he will get the amount for the job he has done.

Hi Julie, the seller needs to send you an actual offer for the job, then you can accept the offer and will automatically get to the payment page. Once you accepted, the seller can deliver the work (though the order page, not just send it in inbox, which seems they did) and then you can accept (and rate if you want to) so s/he will get paid.

You can see how all of this works here (links to everything related to ordering/accepting/reviewing an order in the sidebar menu):


Thanks a lot! I’ve sent your message to the seller.

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I think you already go the answer
If you have any question please write here

Thanks a lot. I sent him the information and we resolved it.

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Thank you, it’s so nice to see that so many people responded when I was stuck.

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You are welcome… Nice to hear that the issue is resolved :blush:

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[MOM BRAGGING! Totally off subject.]
I took your link to check it out. The voice on that video is my adult son.

We both do voice overs, we are 1,000 miles apart these days…

He’s voiced over a dozen support videos for the Fiverr CS team and I always smile when I hear one of them (and see them linked).

I hope it helped @juliedonnelly get the needed results!

Fiverr keeps updating their support videos and information, making it easier to get started ordering/selling and buying.