How to pay for gigs with money that has been refunded to your account


I currently have a credit balance on my account. I’d like to use the credit to pay for new gigs. Unfortunately, I cant figure out how to do it. I’ve noticed that others have asked the same question and it’s NEVER BEEN ANSWERED. Can someone please let me know how to pay for gigs using my credit balance?



You could ask your seller for a custom offer. If you accept the offer it should automatically be deducted from you Fiverr credit. You can also purchase regular gig quantities, for me it deducts automatically. Are you experiencing technical difficulties?


Plenty of times this has been answered. Like annal80 said. Use custom offer.
And if not custom offer, you need to order gigs that are worth less or equal to credit balance. If you order more then credit balance then money will be reduced from your Paypal account of however you payed it, and credit will be intact.


I have also asked my seller to create a custom offer but it is charged my credit card instead of using my account balance.