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How to pay gigs with refunded money?


I have ordered some gigs and canceled them because seller failed to deliver on time.

I do got the money refunded to my Fiverr account. But now I can’t use this money to pay gigs.

I got a total of $24 on my Fiverr account which $4 are from selling one of my own gigs.

Now every time I order a new gig from a seller I got asked to pay with credit card etc…

But I want to use my money from my account balance to pay gigs, not my credit card. How can I do that?

The only time I have run into this is when the gig price is slightly over the amount of the balance. If I was trying to buy a $25 gig with a $20 balance, it would prompt me for my credit card. If the gig I was trying to buy is $15, then I could use my balance. Balance does not appear to work for partial payments.

Actually, you can make partial payments. I’ve had buyers do that (rarely). They use up all the credit to order, say $15 worth of whatever it is, then use that feature where you can add gig extras at a later date. Obviously, you will still need a minimum of $5 in credit to work this trick… oh, and try to pay everything ASAP, because it is going to look very dodgy if there’s a long time between the “payment update”.

I recently ordered a gig that was beyond the balance and I was forced to pay for the whole thing with credit card. I would love to figure out how to make a partial payment. I must know these secrets :slight_smile:

I just told you how…