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How to pick a trustworthy Fiverr?

Is there a way to identify a good quality Seller? I made my first Fiverr purchase last month for some Photoshop editing, but received something I could have done with my basic Photoshop skills. Took twice as long as advertised. All sellers seem to have five stars ratings so how do you find someone who really deserves five stars? Any tips on how to find a good Photoshop expert? Or can you name one here? Thank you :slight_smile:

Look at the number of 5 stars ratings. For instance, a seller with more than 500 positive rating or one with 2 positive ratings…

You should also note that the sellers who have a high number of orders may take longer and may not have more time to work on your order since they have more orders in line. I advice you to choose a seller who doesn’t have large number of orders since such a seller will give you the best in order to build his or her reputation.

Also in response to above, always always communicate with a seller as well. Talk with them, observe how they communicate with you and answer your questions. Most sellers, especially ones that are swamped in work, love answering questions to their customers as it helps them get a feel for the project you need and establishes a working relationship between you two. Good sellers will be patient with you as they understand it’s your money. Untrustworthy ones will want you to place your order as soon as possible, and will be impatient with you every step of the way.

Thank you both for your responses, especially for the tip to communicate more with the seller. I know what I want and can show examples to the seller so I guess this is the way to go. Hope will be more lucky next time :slight_smile: