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How to pick a username?


I struggled with this when I first joined fiverr I decided to simply go with my name because it’s personal and I think it builds trust with you’re clients. But I see all these fancy lingo’s, numbers, and play on words. Some are just straight forward like for example you work on seo so you name it seoguy. I sometimes regret having a name that does not reflect my business…

The name and brand is important so I thought it would be a good idea to vote on what would work best for the future fiverr sellers who are debating this right now. This is a permanent choice so it is something you can’t take lightly.

what do you think is the best name for you’re Fiverr acount???

a) you’re name

b) nickname

c) you’re company brand name

d) name affiliated with you’re business


I prefer just using my name. As you said it builds a level of trust and if you’ve got your Social Networks with your real name as well it serves well.


I think you should pick one that will fit what your gigs are going to be about. :wink:


Doesn’t really make a difference, you can’t pick a wrong username.

I guess just pick something that explains what your gig will be about…


It actually depends on the seller, but speaking in a general matter it’s mostly best to use either your own name or a company’s brand name. :slight_smile:


Well I would like to change my user name as I used it back in the day as a buyer only.

Overall I don’t think it matters. Reviews and ratings are where it’s at.

I would use your name, or a play on your name, or a name that describes your service.

But again, I don’t think it’s that important as long as it’s not something really stupid like mrcatballs81 or something.


Either use your real name or a brand name. Nicknames don’t look very professional.


I think it should be logical, easy to be remembered by the buyer and acceptable. Annoying long names make wrong impression causing the buyer to go to other seller unconsciously.


yeah that’s quite true


This is from 2013.


It’s better to use your name or business name


With this, I hope fiverr will create an option to allow users to change their username. I really wanted to change mine because it does not mean anything to my service. I want it to reflect my service or at least my name.

I believe fiverr has talented developer, they could just easily redirect old url. D


Are you sure?? My last username was incompetent_and_useless and I never got a single sale!!!


I created my fiverr account with my business name, planning to sell websites installation and creation… but I now realize I made a mistake. The simple reason being I plan to sell other services too that have nothing to do with websites!

Since I am just starting, I can delete this account and create a new one with my real name.

I believe your real name is the best way to go. Business name, sort of limits you down.


You’ve made a good point!
I’ve been thinking of changing my username and what you’ve said here is worth thinking about.