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How to pick up after an order completion rate drop?


Hi people,

I’ve had 4 completed orders so far + 1 cancelled. The cancelled one was almost 3 weeks ago and it stopped my momentum significantly. Now my gig is on page 20ish so it’s obviously hard for buyers to find. I know that Fiverr takes the order completion rate into consideration but what should I do if it happens so early when I don’t have 100+ reviews to still show up on the first page regardless of the order cancellations? Has this happened to any of you? How can I get the gig back on track?

And also, does the order completion rate affect my other gigs too?


Hi sav, Things you need to do

  1. Find your target customers (Brainstorm) or google it you will find lots of information
  2. Share your gig that people know about your service
  3. Do some paid marketing

Its affect your account


How do you see where you gig is ranked? Do you like search the title of the gig and then look for it?


Tips to gain more attention on Fiverr:

  • Update your gig images
  • Send buyer Requests daily
  • Promote your fiverr link on social media and website


yes. It stays on like 20th page even though it’s now better since I got a few more orders.