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How to pick your desire gig

What tips and trick is the best for pick up a desire gig and perfect seller?
Because sometimes buyer order wrong gig and than they need to refound money.

When you are going to pick a gig, First of all check the negative reviews. Whether that seller has got that due to bad service or any other reason. Gig should be old

Checking the reviews is a good indicator. But my advice is to message the seller before you place your order. Describe what you want, ask if he/she can do it. This way you can make sure you understand each other.

First check through list of sellers. When you notice a few with good credentials, like good rating, timely response… go see their profile and contact them. Your communication, particularly how they understand your need, should be a decider of picking the right gig.

Thanks #awais47 for your comment to share with us.

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#prettytoney you notice a very important note. Thanks It will be very useful for buyer

Age, orders, reviews, and how responsive they are to your questions. For myself, I offer to do skype or google hangouts with my prospects. Not only will talking with the service providers help most time, it also can open up a long-term relationship that can save you a lot of time.

You are welcome, happy to help! :slight_smile: