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How to place a custom offer?


Hello guys i am a new comer in fiverr!
I need your helps ! can someone here help me how to place a custom offer?

Thank you


Hello Grace.

I´m not quite sure what you are asking.

Are you a seller?

Or are you a buyer and want a seller to send you a custom offer?


It might be good if you read the Basic FAQ for some information, there are links on the left side of the links I posted with answers for a lot of questions you have or will probably have soon, that will be a faster lane, and then go to the forum with questions you don´t find answered there. The forum has a helpful search function too btw, top right. Do read the ToS too, if you haven´t already, that´s important, so you won´t, accidentally, do anything against the Terms that might get your account suspended.

Welcome and good luck on Fiverr! :four_leaf_clover:


Hi @miiila i am a seller and a buyer ask me to send a custom offer


Ah, okay, then look below the inbox where the buyer sent you the message, there is a button ‘Create Offer’, click that, and you’ll get a pop up, then you can choose one of your gigs that fits and fill out the pop up (write a custom text, choose price, delivery time…).


Hi great thanks to you