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How to place an order and hire specific sellers

Hi all. new user of Fiverr.
I have screened out a few good sellers that I have interviewed. I would like to create an order specifically for these selected sellers to apply. I don’t see this option immediately available, but doesn’t mean it’s not there.
Looking for some guidance, and thank you in advance.


That’s not how fiverr works :wink:

Each seller has a gig and different gig packages. To hire those sellers you need to go to their gig and place an order directly with each seller.

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Sad. if that is the case.

It doesn’t work like that, you need to either:

  1. place orders individually on each seller’s gig, choosing the package you prefer - this way the order will start immediately;
  2. discuss with each seller in the chat to place a custom order (propose prices, contents, timings, revisions, etc.). When you come to an agreement with a seller, they will send you a custom offer, shown as a special box in the chat which has a button you can click on in order to get the service. This may take more time, but you will know if the seller is fit for the job and you may get a more specific service fit for your requirements.

P.S.: remember you can save your favourite gigs by clicking the heart icon on top of their page!

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I don’t see it sad.
Fiverr was designed in that way and that’s the feature they are most proud of. Buyers can place an order anytime with any seller they liked without prior conversation or having to wait for a reply.

There are already enough of other websites where sellers have to bid for a job. Fiverr is promoting a different way.


This is kinda what we have done, but like the idea of saving the custom order and reusing it. Thanks

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