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How to place your gig on the top of the Fiverr Search Page?


$-) Yes, the title is interesting and attractive. But who knows how to make a place on fiverr search page?

It’s sure I don’t know the search algorithm of fiverr. Because none of my gigs couldn’t make a place on fiverr auto/search. Besides that, my 100% rated gigs were fail to make a place on rating list. You can check mine

Now the question is >>

How to place a gig on the top of the Fiverr Search Page?

Any Idea? >> Please share.

Thank You


No idea. Some of my gigs don’t even appear on the search at all even when I type my gig title


I have a voice acting gig, I created it about 2 or 3 days ago. I saw that I was 14th on the front page, most likely because I uploaded a video a day after I created it, which could also mean that the fact I had a video increased my visibility. It could also be related to the keywords you used. Remember you can use phrases too like Voice Actor, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Music Artist, etc. Do some keyword research too and promote via facebook, twitter, have your buddies share and their buddies share, keep on promoting everywhere you can (Of course without spamming or violating any websites TOS) :smiley:


I am sure keyword search is effective, but also the amount of interactions. The internet is a very specific place and when I Google search what I do for my gig, I appear very easily. However the competition for what I present isn’t as popular I suppose. Keep spreading the word with your friends and family. :slight_smile: Oh don’t forget the family dentist. lol


Hi, please check again. IN MY OPINION, most best service in their niche will be at the top ranking of SERP.

Try take alook at any keywoord. Example - ebook cover, landing page etc…

So I guess the best way to be on top of fiverr SERP is provide a good service and you will get to the top. Fiverr alogaritma is similiar as Google alogaritma. The more merier you gig, the better result you will get…

JUst my 2 cent…


No one has any idea and the gods of Fiverr won’t share that secret. :smiley:

I know that putting a video up bumped me to the front page for a little bit. Also, you can also ask Fiverr Customer Service for a bump to the front page.


No idea! It’s really tough question dear friends.


I guess everyone gets a chance to get the top position and it rotates…

Finishing a gig in time and getting a positive feedback also increases the chances of visibility, its my experience though :slight_smile:


my gigs are also not there and most of them have 0 impressions plese help




Funny you should ask that. Moments ago, I rec’d this response to my query as to why gigs do not show up in search.


Hi there,

We do not guarantee gig placement in search. Even as a TRS, your gigs may not appear any higher in search. This is not a bug.


–end quote–



Yes, I agree with you.


I agree with you too.

The summary is -

  1. Luck
  2. Unique Services
  3. Unique contents/Title/Tag etc
  4. Video on GIG
  5. Share
  6. Promotion

    By the way, bad news, I lost my 100% rating and now it’s 93%. But still getting some order too. L-)


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