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How to play around with my Gigs

Dear Fiverr Users,
Created my gigs on Fiverr few months back but did not receive any great response yet. ---- I can see impressions are very low. If you guys can suggest how to improve them that would be of great help to me.



Hi, make sure you stay active a lot, promote your gig links and send everyday buyers requests. If still you dont have any order, try to change your gig title or gig keywords. I wish you all the best luck.

Maria S.

Hello Maria,
Thanks for your valuable suggestions. I will surely implement them.
Also, Can you please let me know how to send Buyer Requests?

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There is a field in your phone (and in pc in more tab) with Buyers Requests title. It is really easy to find. Check it out

Maria S.

Okay got it. Thanks you so much for assisting :slight_smile:

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1.Download the app and make sure you stay active online
2.Keep sending 10 buyers request everyday. I got my first sale of about 210$ through buyers request
3. Promote your gigs on social media. Twitter and Fb are good ways to start with.
4. Don’t give up

Hope this helps