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How to politely ask for the buyer to place another order

So the thing is I had an order to write a story of certain words. Buyer and I are both on same page as far as the length goes. The plot he described could not be fitted into the word limit. He said just tell me if it exceeds and i’ll place a new order.
Now, I already had him extend the delivery date two times because of of valentine’s day workload. Now I need to ask him for another order because I have written up to the word limit initially agreed.
I feel embarrassed asking him for a new order. How should I approach him?
I am an introvert so not really good at making conversations. Forgive me for this lengthy post. I can either deliver the story written but it’s incomplete and I’m not certain if it would be something that he won’t like.
I am really confused. The order expires tonight. How should I proceed.


Even if you took longer than expected the buyer did agree on a new order, if you exceed the word count.

What I would do it deliver the existing order (with the incomplete work) and state that you had an agreement to open a new order if the word count was more. You could message him to pre-warn that you will be delivering the order soon, but a new order will have to be opened to complete the story.

Be very polite!

You could offer a discount for the delay, but if you have finished the agreed upon amount of words for your first order, you are not late. So don’t feel bad. Business is business!


Thanks so much. I did exactly what you said. It’s been a great help.

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